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Beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica
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Premium Rooms at Hedonism

Young And Inked Week™ September 3 - 10, 2022

We Want to See Your Tats!

Are you youthful? Do you have tattoos?

If so, this is the week for you!

Come enjoy a tropical adults-only, all inclusive paradise in Negril, Jamaica at the iconic Hedonism II Resort.

At Hedonism II, we believe tattoos are art and there is a story behind each piece.

We want you to show off your art, no matter where it is placed at Young And Inked™. You and your partner decide if you want to be MILD or WILD™.

Young And Inked Week
All Inclusive Resort
Henna Body Painting
Clothing Optional Yoga

If It's MILD or WILD™ in Florida or Jamaica...

It's on Mild Or Wild™ News

Hosted by news anchor, Kate Maxx, we are keeping you up to date with everything MILD or WILD™.

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Embossed silicon wrist bands show your level in your personal lifestyle. Green for mild and red for wild. What color are you?

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There is Nothing Else Like It!

Only 280 Rooms

There are only 280 Rooms at Hedonism and we don't sell day passes. Get your room for your favorite week while you still can.

$369 Spa Credit

$369 Spa Credit for Pay in Full Bookings. Or, $500 minimum deposit holds room. Offer ends September 1st, 2021.

Are You Mild, Wild or Somewhere in Between?

Find out at a Hedonism II Premier Event. The New Standard in Adults Only All-Inclusive Travel

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All Inclusive Food
Premier Events
Heedo Weedo

Be Part Of Our Event!

We are calling all lifestyle supportive businesses, LGBT owned or friendly businesses, artists, models, or anyone who would like to sponsor one of our Hedonsim II Premier Events: Steampunk Week™ or Young And Inked™.

You can decide which Premier Event you wish to sponsor. Convention booths will be available.

Here is your chance to be one of the first to Be Part of the Start™. Any official sponsors will have their company logo placed on all Premier Event websites.

There are many people at music festivals and concerts of every lifestyle. Here at Hedonism Premier Events, they show you.

What is lifestyle?

LGBTQ+, open relationships, swingers, poly, kink, fetish, and many more. If you think you are wild, you probably are.

Neckace Colors and Meanings

What do I personally identify as?

Everyone has their own personal identity that is unique that you can embrace. We allow the freedom to let people know how you identify yourself in a way of acceptance.

Colored corded, beaded, name necklaces with your identifiers.

Your name is on the necklace to help everyone remember the names of the hundreds of the attendees.

MILD or WILD™ Wristband Colors - Copyright ©2021

The necklace cording is colored to show your level in your personal lifestyle.

Cord Colors: Meaning:
GREEN Mild / Open-minded, Nudist, Flirty
RED Wild / Lifestyle - LGBTQ+, open relationships, swingers, poly, kink, fetish, and many more. If you think you are wild, you probably are.

Meet other at an event with a variety of necklace and bead colors, so you can find others at your level.

Mild event attendees reserve the right to become a little wild at their own pace.

This system takes a lot of pressure out of social settings with large groups, and lets people find others quickly.

Make the most of your differences by letting others know how you personally identify. 

Bead Colors - Copyright ©2021

The necklaces have colored beads which you can choose according to your personal interests.

Bead Color: Meaning:
PINK Same Sex
WHITE Single or Open Relationship
GREEN The Weed Bead - 420 Friendly
DJ Cerino
MC Kate Maxx

Join our team!

We are looking to add friendly, open minded individuals to our team to help create a memorable week where our attendees can enjoy and meet other like minded couples. We want to know more!

Theme Nights

  • Saturday - Rock Star Night
  • Sunday - Lingerie and Boxers Night
  • Monday - 80's Night
  • Tuesday - 90's Night
  • Wednesday - Nerds and Jocks Night
  • Thursday - SteamPunk/Kink Post Apocalyptic Future Past Fire Show
  • Friday - Pop Star Night

Hedonism II Premier Event Extras

  • A top rock band from the Week of Bands at which is every 1st and 3rd Thursday will be the opening act for the Week of Rockers™.
  • Meet and Greets Sunday Morning and Sunday Night - Singles Side™ and Couples Corner™
  • Daily Guided Photography Shoots – Bring your own phone or camera, and take amazing photos in beautiful tropical settings.
  • Shot Girls all week serving all kinds of drinks including new Healthy Shots. (natural juices with top shelf premium liquors)
  • New Treat of the Day (delivered to the people by the Shot Girls) Carnival type foods for inspired creations.

Mild Side Events - (Topless Optional)

  • 3 Hour DJ Dance Parties Nightly with Theme Night
  • Muscle Beach Contest - Flex and Show your muscles for both Men and Women. Lean and Huge Compete for Crowd Applause.
  • Rocker Tattoo Contest - Who has the best Rocker Tattoo by Crowd Applause.
  • Goat Races - Race Your Goat to the Finish Line
  • Clothing Optional Yoga Classes at 10am Daily
  • Two Couples Massage Classes - (one day for one persons and the next for their partner)
  • 80's and 90's Trivia

Wild Side Events - (Full Nudity Required)

  • 2 Hour Wild Side Pool Party Each Day with a DJ, MC and Hype Dancers
  • Whip Cream Bikini Eating Contest - Lick a whip cream bikini off your partner first to win.
  • Gold Shower Contest - Drinking beer poured down your partners back while laying on the ground trying to keep your towel dry.
  • Mister and Misses Wild Side - Shake what you have got on the stage Compete for Crowd Applause.